Friday, November 8, 2013

1st Major Review of the Book

Click HERE to read 1000+ words on, dissecting the book from every angle.


"The Secret History of Marvel Comics is a stunning book (in more ways than one) of beauties, beasts, and bombast, as well as a wonderfully askew look at the Precambrian Era of Marvel Comics."

"This book is the amazing and highly captivating history of that publishing 'dynasty'."

"...what’s been unearthed here (much of it never reprinted) is both visually and historically stunning."

"Written by comic book historians Blake Bell (Strange and Stranger: The World of Steve Ditko, Fire and Water: Bill Everett, The Sub-Mariner, and the Birth of Marvel Comics) and Dr. Michael J. Vassallo (extensive notes for the Marvel Masterworks series and an upcoming bio of artist Joe Maneely), who have both dug deep for this book. (Comic history wonks will love the detailed Endnotes section, which unveils deeper information.)"

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  1. Great review. One comment, though. In the review he states that there isn't much artwork by Jack Kirby in the book. ????????? I count 49 different Jack Kirby images, well more than any other artist showcased!